Troopers: The Web Series

Troopers: The Web Series

2 Seasons

The intergalactic exploits of Dreadlord Sinister's deadly elite troopers Rich and Larry, in a space saga of epic incompetence. Guest starring Aubrey Plaza.

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Troopers: The Web Series
  • Gun Privileges

    Episode 1

    The worst rules are the ones you have to follow.

  • Suggestion Box

    Episode 2

    Constructive criticism turns destructive.

  • Supercomputer

    Episode 3

    It makes Deep Blue look like a much better computer.

  • Escape Pod Confessions

    Episode 4

    Larry has a few things to get off his chest.

  • Laser Sword

    Episode 5

    You have failed me for the last time.

  • Tractor Beam

    Episode 6

    Rich and Larry's new job puts thousands of lives in their hands, unfortunately.

  • Bathroom Run

    Episode 7

    In space, no one can hear you stream.

  • Scareduke
    Episode 8


    Episode 8

    The Dreadcruiser gets a call from the coolest guy in the coldest legion.

  • Holopad
    Episode 9


    Episode 9

    They're on the cutting edge of miscommunication.

  • Scareduke - Outtakes

    Episode 10

    Troopers bloopers.