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Ultramechatron Team Go!

Ultramechatron Team Go!

2 Seasons

The leader, the braniac, the fighter, & the party guy: watch them work and live together inside a giant robot, saving the city from monsters.

Ultramechatron Team Go!
  • The Torso Pilot

    Episode 1

    The torso pilot of Ultramechatron is really important! Not in super, you know, quantifiable metrics, but in terms of team cohesiveness. He also does the lunch orders, usually. So yeah.

  • What's Beeping in the Giant Robot?

    Episode 2

    Something is wrong with Ultramechatron! Unfortunately, the nearest Ultramechatron dealership is a couple lightyears away.

  • Parking a Giant Robot is Hard

    Episode 3

    The Ultramechatron team has vanquished evil once again. Now they face an even greater challenge: city parking.

  • Subletting a Giant Robot

    Episode 4

    Just gonna throw up a listing on AirUMT. Get it? The UMT is UltraMechaTron. Nice.

  • Ultramechatron Team Go! Bloopers

    Episode 5

    Laughs, goofs, & improv that didn't make the final cut!

  • Ultramechatron Team Go! Behind the Scenes

    Episode 6

    Cast, creators, and crew share the big ideas that went into making a monster-of-the-week parody.

  • Ultramechatron Team Go! Trailer

    Episode 7

    This giant robot of war can only be controlled by "The Chosen Four," coming to DROPOUT October 3rd.