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Um, Actually

Um, Actually

9 Seasons

Introducing a game show of fandom minutiae one-upmanship, where nerds do what nerds do best: flaunt encyclopedic nerd knowledge at Millennium Falcon nerd-speed.

Um, Actually
  • Muppets & Puppets

    Episode 1

    Ben, Becky, and Jordan face off to prove who is the TRUE puppetmaster.

  • Marvel

    Episode 2

    Amy, Markeia, and Sam compete to prove who's the REAL Captain Marvel.

  • Disney

    Episode 3

    Dani, Oscar, and Joan find a whole new world of pedantic corrections.

  • Anime

    Episode 4

    Ify, Fiona, and SungWon go on a bizarre adventure but emerge still in one piece.

  • Dungeons & Dragons All-Stars

    Episode 5

    Gus Sorola, Matt Mercer, and Amy Vorpahl separate the Dungeon Amateurs from the Dungeon Masters.

  • Stephen King

    Episode 6

    Andrew Rosas, Betsy Sodaro, and Ben Joseph compete over Richard Bachman facts.

  • Saturday Morning Cartoons

    Episode 7

    Emma Fyffe, Winston A. Marshall, and Rekha Shankar are given the ultimate toon trivia test.

  • Pokémon

    Episode 8

    Owen Parsons, Terrence Wiggins, and Vernon X. Odemns fight to see who is the most super effective.

  • Switcheroo!

    Episode 9

    Ify Nwadiwe takes over the host's chair and relegates Trapp to a mere contestant (alongside Zac and Haley).

  • Magic: The Gathering

    Episode 10

    Becca Scott, Eli Yudin, and Carolyn Page get carded in the nerdiest way possible.

  • Musicals Encore!

    Episode 11

    Jeff Hiller, Lindsay Jones, and Grant O'Brien set out to prove who has all that jazz.

  • All-Stars

    Episode 12

    Brennan, Erika, and Goots compete in an all-star battle royale.