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Watch this video and more on Dropout

Watch this video and more on Dropout

Up Next in Burrow's End

  • A Second Sun [Audio Only]

    The stoats search for a new home. Thorn discovers something unexpected. Viola prepares for change.

    Content Warning:
    Misophonia (Squelching), Animal Gore, Body Horror [1:51 - 1:57]

  • Last Bast [Audio Only]

    Our stoat family approaches a new warren, and attempt to prove their value.

    Content Warnings:
    Misophonia (Wet Cough, Hacking, and Spitting) [50:03 - 50:05]
    Animal Death [1:40:00 - 1:40:13, 1:41:45 - 1:42:33]
    Misophonia (Bone Popping) [1:42:08 - 1:42:10]
    Misophonia (Squishing) [1:42:23 - 1:42:26]

  • Protect the Light [Audio Only]

    The stoats explore their new home, Last Bast, and discover a dark secret.

    Content Warning:
    Alcoholism (Of a Parent) [13:45 - 14:34]