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Watch this video and more on Dropout

Watch this video and more on Dropout

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  • Even More Pokemon Disappointed in The...

    Pokemon evolutions are fun for the player, but not always so great for the Pokemon - who are suddenly going through an instantaneous puberty that leaves them physically changed in new bizarre ways. And, a lot of the time, in kinda crappy ways.

  • Why Magneto Can Never Be in the MCU

    Magneto's a little too OP even in the X-Men films - the only consistent counter to him (other than his own moral compass) is a mutant who can CONTROL EVERYONE'S BRAINS. And in the MCU, there's really NO ONE who could stop let's hope Fox and Marvel Studios never work out a deal.

  • The Problem with Humble Bundles

    Humble Bundles are great - they're affordable, you get a ton of games that you might otherwise have never played, and you get to give money to worthy charities! But ever wonder how the games feel about all this?