What the Facts 101

What the Facts 101

4 Episodes

Jake Young sits down with real experts to discuss the disturbing lessons of WTF 101, from famous fights to fungi.

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What the Facts 101
  • The Parasite You Probably Have

    Episode 1

    Jake Young sits down with Senior Ecologist Kevin Lafferty to talk brain bugs & test out fungal tea.

  • How Far Would You Go For Science?

    Episode 2

    Dr. Will Brooker joins Jake for tales of trial & error experimentation and English eccentricity.

  • Mating Isn’t Like Dating

    Episode 3

    Biologist Menno Schilthuizen schools Jake on nature's nether regions, from seduction to reproduction.

  • Remember When Murder Was Legal?

    Episode 4

    Dr. Steven Hughes sits down with Jake for a discussion of dynamite duels and ye olde clickbait.