Where in the Eff is Sarah Cincinnati

Where in the Eff is Sarah Cincinnati

6 Episodes

In this Carmen Sandiego send-up, everyone's flakiest friend, Sarah Cincinnati, asks for geography trivia help as she travels the world, getting lost and buzzed.

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Where in the Eff is Sarah Cincinnati
  • Sarah Attends a Wedding

    Episode 1

    When Sarah gets lost on her way to her cousin Julio's wedding, a sloppy road trip ensues.

  • Sarah Takes a Slaycation

    Episode 2

    A new boo tempts Sarah away on vacay, but plans go up in smoke after an emergency stop.

  • Sarah Goes to a Bachelorette Party

    Episode 3

    While celebrating a bride-to-be, Sarah cuts a little too loose and loses her ID (again).

  • Sarah Crashes Her Sister's Birthday

    Episode 4

    Sarah passes out on the wrong bus and has to find her little sis's party--but first, where is she?

  • Sarah Visits Her Auntie

    Episode 5

    Shrooming en route to her auntie's house, Sarah loses her way (but certainly not her high).

  • Sarah Gets Enlightened

    Episode 6

    Sarah takes a trip to find herself, but when her Molly runs out, can she be found?