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WTF 101

WTF 101

15 Episodes

Afternoon detention with Ms. Foxtrot leads to magical, educational, and extremely gross journeys.

WTF 101
  • Parasites

    Episode 1

    Professor Foxtrot proves the power of parasites, from flesh-burrowing maggots to tongue-eating lice.

  • Self-Experimentation

    Episode 2

    River’s reckless drug habit prompts Professor Foxtrot to demonstrate other ways to “treat yourself."

  • Animal Sex

    Episode 3

    Mindy learns that animal romance can be less “The Notebook” and more “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

  • Abandoned Military Ops

    Episode 4

    Feeling like a stupid failure, Brad teleports back to the 1940s and discovers he's in good company.

  • Duels

    Episode 5

    A classroom tussle inspires a lesson on conflict resolution… if you can call it that.

  • Cute Animals

    Episode 6

    The class observes adorable critters—along with necrophilia, infanticide, and a shit-ton of shit.

  • Party Fouls

    Episode 7

    Foxtrot crashes Jason's weekend plans in the most fiery and destructive way possible.

  • Hoaxes and Scams

    Episode 8

    After catching their teacher in a lie, Mindy and the gang go on a historical tour of trickery.

  • Expeditions

    Episode 9

    Foxtrot invokes worst-case examples to deter the kids from a risky rescue mission.

  • Crime and Punishment

    Episode 10

    Stranded in a strange world, the class gets a lesson in ancient trials and tortures.

  • WTF 101: Behind the Scenes

    Episode 11

    Creator Mike Trapp, Sam Reich and the voice cast discuss DROPOUT's bold new cartoon.

  • The Parasite You Probably Have

    Episode 12

    Jake Young sits down with Senior Ecologist Kevin Lafferty to talk brain bugs & test out fungal tea.

  • How Far Would You Go For Science?

    Episode 13

    Dr. Will Brooker joins Jake for tales of trial & error experimentation and English eccentricity.

  • Mating Isn’t Like Dating

    Episode 14

    Biologist Menno Schilthuizen schools Jake on nature's nether regions, from seduction to reproduction.

  • Remember When Murder Was Legal?

    Episode 15

    Dr. Steven Hughes sits down with Jake for a discussion of dynamite duels and ye olde clickbait.