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Hardly Working

Hardly Working

16 Seasons

What really goes on in CollegeHumor offices may surprise you, unless you're already familiar with unprofessional, inappropriate slackoffs getting nothing done.

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Hardly Working
  • The Friend Who Loves Christmas Too Much

    Episode 1

    Jess is more than ready to celebrate the birth of our lord Jesus Christ but Siobhan, Katie, and Raph think it's a little premature. We haven't even eaten from a turkey's carcass for Thanksgiving!

  • Katie Goes Viral

    Episode 2

    Katie's meme went viral. And now that she's in high demand from all the hollywood big wigs, she doesn't have to talk to, acknowledge, even SHARE A ROOM with these LOSERS.

  • Thank You For Doing All the Work

    Episode 3

    Make sure to thank black women for all that they do. Then, go get a cupcake! You've earned it!

  • Sorry, I'm a Slow Eater

    Episode 4

    Trapp, Katie, and Ally are ready to go see LEBRON JAMES, but Raph is too busy eating that normal meal that we all love, a large steak and three hardboiled eggs.

  • Cyber (Sex) Monday

    Episode 5

    Raph misses the good old days, when Cyber Monday just meant spending your savings on a TV that's 5 inches bigger than your current one.

  • When You're a Total Push Over

    Episode 6

    The only thing worse than someone being 30 minutes late is any confrontation with anyone ever.

  • Wow, Nobody Can Flirt With Me Anymore

    Episode 7

    Now that Katie's getting married, she just wants you to know that under NO circumstances is there to be even a HINT of a flirt thrown in her direction, you filthy DOGS

  • Mary Poppins for Adults

    Episode 8


  • Is His Accent Sexy?

    Episode 9

    Gartholemew's got that irresistible shmear of mystique.

  • Don't Bother Fixing Your Problems

    Episode 10

    Constant suffering is so much easier than remembering to find new pants.

  • You Don't Actually Need a Menu

    Episode 11

    Rekha and Grant are living in a fantasy world of new food choices, meanwhile Brennan hasn’t looked at a menu in 24 years

  • You've NEVER Seen Star Wars?!

    Episode 12

    Mmm... a pot of melted junior mints.

  • Oh No, Did We Hurt Brennan's Feelings?

    Episode 13

    If I catch ANYONE even LIGHTLY teasing Brennan, I will flip out, because he has literally no resilience and folds like origami and I don't think he can eat solid food?

  • A Computer Co-Wrote this Sketch

    Episode 14

    This sketch was written by a robot, with the help of Botnik. By the way, writers, if you're reading this, thank you so much, we're not going to need you anymore. Best of luck! Call if you need a reference!

  • How To Sound Smart

    Episode 15

    To watch a sketch is to insert yourself into the sketch. Comedy is a shell which we can choose to inhabit and vicariously experience the humor of laughing throughout.

  • Wow, Nobody Tells Me Anything

    Episode 16

    Raph's always upset that he's not being told things everyone else around the office knows, like that he died 6 months ago in a laptop fire.

  • Obsessive Boyfriends Are SO Romantic!

    Episode 17

    Real love is all about the romantic gestures he uses to manipulate and control you.

  • When Someone Gets Your Name Wrong

    Episode 18

    Raph gets frustrated when Submarine's friend just can't seem to get his name right!

  • Lazy Ghost Has SO Much Unfinished Business

    Episode 19

    I'd rattle some chains at you, but my usual chains broke, and my ghost blacksmith got sent to purgatory, so I need to find a new one, and I haven't gotten around to it, y'know...

  • Grant vs. The Computer

    Episode 20

    Unfortunately, IT refuses to do any work on any electronics Grant owns after the slime incident.

  • Who Got Me Sick?

    Episode 21

    Trapp is saddled with a mystery of microbial proportions.

  • Kidnapper or Scam Call?

    Episode 22

    Which is more annoying: robocalls, or being kidnapped? Sound off in the comments!

  • St. Valentine's Day Isn't Sexy

    Episode 23

    Raph wishes his horny coworkers would finally make sense on this day, the holiest of the year.

  • No, My Parents Aren't "Strict"

    Episode 24

    Wow, did your parents even let you outside? I've seen parents like yours in movies.