Ultramechatron Team Go!

Ultramechatron Team Go!

14 Episodes

The leader, the braniac, the fighter, & the party guy: watch them work and live together inside a giant robot, saving the city from monsters.

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Ultramechatron Team Go!
  • Ultramechatron Team Start!

    Episode 1

    After botching a fight with Baby Boomer, Brody tries to prove he's more than just "The Party Dude."

  • Ultramechatron Team Party!

    Episode 2

    Confronted with her social shortcomings, Trish decides to become an expert partier.

  • Ultramechatron Team Punch!

    Episode 3

    As the team makes slow progress toward defeating Galatax, Armond takes matters into his own fists.

  • Alter Mechatron Ego

    Episode 4

    In an attempt to destroy the portal, the crew loses control and collides with another reality.

  • Ultramechatron Team Drive!

    Episode 5

    A new, privately-funded robot threatens the Ultramechatron by poaching a valuable team member.

  • Ultramechatron Team Clone!

    Episode 6

    When nobody else is as dedicated as she is, Sarah decides to stock the team with more Sarahs.

  • Ultrawannabe Boshi Go!

    Episode 7

    Boshi wants to impress his parents & smash monsters, but his newest invention is the lamest one yet.

  • Ultramechatron Team Love!

    Episode 8

    The team faces a moral dilemma when Captain Duke orders them to destroy an inspiring new friend.

  • Galatax Go?

    Episode 9

    Galatax begins to question his passion and realizes the only person against him, is him.

  • Ultramechatron Team Stop!

    Episode 10

    The Chosen Four lose the Ultramechatron, and must ask for help in defending their dimension.

  • Ultramechatron Team End!

    Episode 11

    The Ultramechatron team must regroup to defeat Captain Duke and save their city.

  • Ultramechatron Team Go! Behind the Scenes

    Episode 12

    Cast, creators, and crew share the big ideas that went into making a monster-of-the-week parody.

  • Ultramechatron Team Go! Bloopers

    Episode 13

    Laughs, goofs, & improv that didn't make the final cut!

  • Ultramechatron Team Go! Trailer

    Episode 14

    This giant robot of war can only be controlled by "The Chosen Four," coming to DROPOUT October 3rd.