CH Shorts

CH Shorts

15 Seasons

Original sketches, music videos, and pop culture parodies spanning the last CollegeHumor decade.

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CH Shorts
  • This Year’s Hottest College Looks

    Episode 1

    Head back to school in style with these fashions that scream “I am a student.”


    Episode 2

    All businesses have a growing period! We're just growing downwards! Impressively fast!

  • The News Is Just Tweets Now

    Episode 3

    Why do an investigation when @Disturbdfan420 already knows everything you could possible need?

  • The School Library Computer Game Collection

    Episode 4

    Forget the NES Classic, SNES Classic, Playstation Classic, the School Computer Classic has everything from Bugdom to, uh, Bugdom!

  • Every Negotiation Scene Ever

    Episode 5

    Rekha is in the market... the market of secrets. And she's looking to sell, for a very reasonable price... that she won't say out loud.

  • Ruin Your Morning with Twitter!

    Episode 6

    Waking up with Twitter is like waking up to flock of singing birds outside your window except they're not singing they're screaming and a surprising amount of the birds are Nazis.

  • I Hate Scary Movies

    Episode 7

    Why would you not want to be terrified?! What else are you going to watch, videos of people hugging?

  • The Internet Comes Trick-or-Treating

    Episode 8

    This halloween, all the good apps, bad apps, and apps that are kind of both are here to trick-or-treat at Trapp's house!

  • Kanye's Social Media Manager

    Episode 9

    “The hardest job in the world is being Kanye’s social media manager, easy.” - single mothers

  • Not Enough Dishes for Friendsgiving

    Episode 10

    Katie's lavish Thanksgiving feast is just as good whether it's served on plates or in coffee filters and an empty Chapstick tube.

  • Training for Thanksgiving at Home

    Episode 11

    Grant and Ally are here to evaluate Raph's Thanksgiving performance.

  • The Truth About Football

    Episode 12

    Football is good, old-fashioned fun. However, this fun does cause degenerative brain disease.

  • A Dirty Cop's Worst Nightmare

    Episode 13

    Don't do the crime if you can't do the time! The time being two weeks paid vacation, with early pension and luxury accommodations.

  • Bicoastal Time Zone Lesson‬

    Episode 14

    With a little bit of math, and a little bit of teaching, Raph can tell you how to STOP. TEXTING. AT 5 IN THE MORNING.

  • Christmas Elves vs. Fantasy Elves

    Episode 15

    Some elves make Red Rider BB guns, some elves forge artillery for the gods.

  • Tumblr CEO: No More Porn

    Episode 16

    Finally, Tumblr's returning to its family-friendly roots, like BDSM (Buddies Doing Social Media)!

  • Deleted Scenes: Tumblr CEO

    Episode 17

    See more from everyone’s favorite family values spokesman who doesn’t know what breastfeeding is.

  • Honest Family Holiday When You’re An Adult

    Episode 18

    Nothing like a confusing cocktail of love, nostalgia, and stress.

  • New Year’s Fingering

    Episode 19

    This is a sketch about getting fingered at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve. Enjoy!

  • Your New Year's Resolutions Never Change

    Episode 20


  • Getting Stuck in a Dance Circle

    Episode 21

    Hey, at least hell’s got an open bar.

  • Exercise Counts More If It's Hard

    Episode 22

    For too long, workout apps have been too obsessed with actually working out, and not with the fact that you actually have a lot going on right now.

  • The Super Bowl Isn't About Football

    Episode 23

    Who are these buff men running about during my celebration of capitalism? They're not even doing anything funny!

  • When Spelling It Out Gets Tricky

    Episode 24

    Raph stars in another top-notch sketch about the difficulties of spelling over the phone, from the folks here at Charlie Hotel.